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Choosing a piano teacher

At my piano studio in Pinner I see lots of piano students from age 5 upwards. Some of these students have been with other teachers before coming to me, but for some reason they are unable to make further progress with their playing and they ask me to help out. In order to fix the bad habits they have picked up I usually need to go back to basics for a few weeks and re-learn how to play the piano correctly from the start.

I do fix the bad habits they had picked up. But usually this means going back to basics for a few weeks and learning to play the piano correctly from the start.

Piano is a wonderful instrument to play.

But it’s also a complex skill to learn. Show me any child (or adult) who’s had 3 months of piano lessons and I can instantly see and hear which students have been well taught. And I can easily pick out the students who are likely to enjoy playing piano and to make good progress with their playing.

Tips on choosing a piano tutor in Pinner

Ideally your piano tutor should:

  • Be properly qualified with a Diploma in Piano (Grade 8 is not sufficient)
  • Have trained at a Music Conservatoire (such as The Royal Academy of Music in London)
  • Have had lots of experience as a performer in public (e.g. piano recitals, piano competitions)
  • Be able to teach Music Theory (many piano teachers don’t teach Theory, but you need it)
  • Have had long experience as a piano teacher
  • Be experienced in teaching both very young children and adults
  • Have taught students from Beginners up to Grade 8 and beyond, to Piano Diploma level
  • Teach you on a one-to-one basis with lessons tailored to you
  • Teach you on a quality piano, which is regularly tuned
  • Give you some homework to do
  • Prepare you carefully for your piano exams so you get high marks
  • Give you regular updates on your progress
  • Prepare you to perform at local Music Festivals, and maybe even win!

I’m sure you will find good piano teachers who don’t tick all the boxes.  There are as many ways to teach piano as there are piano teachers!

But if you want to find the best piano teacher in Pinner I suggest asking them some questions based on the above list. Remember, if you start with the best teacher, you can make quick progress.

Be prepared to wait a little for the best piano tutor!

You will find that most good piano teachers will be busy with current students. Many students want to learn piano after school so available slots for piano lessons can be limited. Be prepared to be flexible initially until a firm weekly lesson can be arranged.

For a good teacher you might even have to go on a short waiting list.

If you want piano lessons in Pinner the best thing to do is to contact me today.

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