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Privacy Policy

Aisling Greally takes reasonable steps to protect the privacy of her piano students.

Aisling Greally has been teaching piano students for more than 30 years and always takes the privacy of her piano students very seriously. No information about Aisling Greally’s students is published on this site (aislinggreally.co.uk) without either the student’s express permission or the student’s legal guardian’s express permission.

Details of students published on this site may include

  • Photographs or videos of the student
  • Student’s first name
  • Town where the student lives
  • Student’s piano achievements, for example, name of piano competition or exam and where and when that was held
  • Other information about the student

These details are always published with the student’s permission or, if the student is a minor, with the legal guardian’s permission.

Where students or legal guardians provide links to other information or websites on the world-wide web such information will also be accessible via this site and the information available on the student may then be more than that published on this site.

Aisling Greally is happy to remove or alter any information about students published on this site at the request of that student or at the request of the student’s legal guardian.




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