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Piano Lessons in Pinner

…with Aisling Greally

The Ideal Setting

Have your lessons in a beautiful piano studio at Aisling’s home in Pinner, Middlesex.  Learn to play on a grand piano.

The Best Technique

Aisling has studied and performed internationally, so she knows how to play. From the very first lesson Aisling teaches correct posture and correct finger technique – so your progress is smooth, you can make a beautiful sound and you can enjoy your playing.

You need a teacher who gives you the skills to get you from beginner to as far as you want to go! That’s why over 90% of Aisling’s students get Distinction (130+ marks) in their Associated Board exams – far higher than the national average, which is a Pass (117 marks).

Why Not Perform?

Aisling encourages her students to enter local piano festivals (competitions). She prepares their pieces with them and teaches them to perform on stage – and yes, grandparents do smile proudly!

Her students win prizes at local music festivals in such places as Watford, Ruislip-Northwood, North London, Hatfield, Marlow, St Alban’s, Ealing, Sevenoaks and further afield.  How about bringing home a medal (or even a winner’s trophy) to show your family?

Schools Value Music

Learning the piano a wonderful skill that will bring joy forever. But being able to play a musical instrument well has other advantages – for example, Aisling’s students have won Music Entrance Scholarships and Specialist Music places to many local schools (Merchant Taylor’s, Haberdashers, North London Collegiate, St Paul’s, Watford Grammar, John Lyons, Mill Hill.)

An Able Teacher

Aisling is not only a superbly qualified pianist and teacher but she also holds an MSc degree in child development. So she knows how to work with your child.  She is also a mother of four herself so she has lots of experience with children.

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Hall of Fame - Photos of my students

See photos of my students with their piano trophies, medals and certificates.

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